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Chemical and Filtration Products of Texas is a chemical and scientific filter distribution company. We are a company focused on bulk chemicals such as solvents, acids and glycol solutions. We are also a large distributor of industrial water treatment/filtration media. With a combined industry experience of over 35 years we look to serve you, our customer with unmatched pricing and exceptional customer service. 

We offer the personal service that you just can't get when working with the nations largest producers. With most distributes you're just a number. As a customer of Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas you are apart of our family. We have the unique ability to cater to your business' needs. It starts with our unparalleled communication with our customers. It's the convenience of dealing with your representative from start to finish. It's the understanding we have of your business. Your goals, deadlines, and production schedules become our own. 

Here at Chemical and Filtration Products of Texas our number one goal is to cut your costs without sacrificing quality. That being said our materials are guaranteed to meet or exceed your demands, every time.

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Chemical and Filtration Products of Texas Solvents. This list is not all-inclusive, as we have a wide range of potential end uses and customers that represent applications across the full spectrum of chemical manufacturing and blending. Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about a specific product or component.


Chemical and Filtration Products of Texas offers a wide range of industrial glycols. Our glycols cater to the application needs of many industries. Further, these industrial glycols are also used for manufacturing, applications like antifreeze, bottling, fabric, household products, etc. Moreover, most of the glycols we supply are used in an antifreeze application.



Chemical and Filtration Products of Texas offers a wide range of industrial acids. Our acids cater to the application needs of drugs and pharmaceutical industries. Further, these industrial acids are also used for manufacturing different types of chemicals, household products, solvents and pesticides. Moreover, our range is widely used in various textile industries for cleaning and oxidation process.