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Scientific Filters

One of the most common items found in any laboratory is the Syringe filter. Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas knows that they are an essential laboratory supply and can be applied across a broad spectrum of practices. They are typically used in the preparation of aqueous and organic solutions, where it is important to have fast and efficient filtration.

  • Bio-tech Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial
  • R&D

Scientific Filters

Syringe filters are used for a multitude of applications and have just as many corresponding variations. Each variation of a disposable syringe filter is designed to suit its specific application. Here at Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas we have the right filter to fit your specific demand. We give our customers the ability to buy in a variety of quantities for all applications.

  • 25 pack
  • 50 pack
  • 100 pack
  • 500 pack
  • 1000 pack