Tex Chem Beliefs & Culture

At Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas, we believe that connecting forward thinking and innovation can generate new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations. We believe that taking the extra step to be socially responsible does not hold us back, but instead sets us apart. We believe in the worth of our people, in the value of each individual employee and their differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in the power of difference. Every day, we strive to build a culture that embraces innovation, responsibility and diversity.


Our policy is to be lawful, highly-principled and socially responsible in all of its business practices. We expect employees to learn and comply with all company policies and laws applicable to their job responsibilities and to adhere to the guiding principles outlined in this Code.

Quality Culture

Our Quality Management Team ensures that customers receive quality, reliability and integrity in the products and services we provide to them, and that customers’ needs and requirements are met. Our team calls for strict adherence to specifications, as well as regulatory and quality requirements.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas, diversity and inclusion are inherent in our work environment. We value the differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives among our employees, and draw from those differences to fuel innovation. We are committed to building a vibrant, diverse and talented employee base and helping each employee grow.

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