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Water, Oil, & Gas Drill Bits

Chemical and Filtration Products of Texas is a leading supplier of a full range of drill bits. We can provide you with a full line of specialty bits for various applications and processes. We distribute the following types of bits:

  • Tricone Rock Bits
  • PDC Bits for Well Drilling
  • Multiple Tricone Insert Bits
  • Tricone Insert Bits

Water, Oil, & Gas Drill Bits

The drilll bits we offer are hollow and have jets to allow for the expulsion of the drilling fluid, or "mud", at high velovity and high pressure to help clean the bit and, for softer formation, help to break apart the rock. A tricone bit comprises three conical rollers with teeth made of hard materiel, such as tungsten carbide. The teeth break rock by crushing as the rollers move around the bottom of the borehole. A polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit has no moving parts and works by scraping the rock surface with disk-shaped teeth made of a slug of synthetic diamond attached to a tungsten carbide cylinder.

The tricone bit is an improvement on the original bit patented in 1909 by Howard R. Hughes, Sr. and he was a resident of Houston, Texas!

PDC bits, which first came into widespread use in 1976, are used for gas and oil exploration. They are effective at drilling shale formations, especially when used in combination with oil-based drilling muds.

When a drill bit needs to be changed, the drill pipe (typically in 30-feet increments) is hoisted out of the well, until the complete drill string has been removed from the well. Once the drill bit has been changed, the complete drill string is again lowered into the well. This is why a well machined bit is vital to a drilling operation. A broken bit can cost companies thousands of dollars and vital man time hours to replace.

We also offer remanufactured bits for our customers who need to be more cautious of their expendatures. Here at Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas we offer a wide variety of solutions to fit your individual needs.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can save you money without sacrificing quality.