Tex Chem Innovation

Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas' Innovation Plan has been based on extensive market research. We are bringing innovation to an industry that has become stale and stagnant. The industry as a whole has been operating the same way since the dark ages. We at Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas are working to implement these ideas into an industry that is in dire need of a face-lift.

Green Solutions

The market has shifted and consumers in this industry haven't been properly educated. Many of the materials that are produced in this country have been made the same since their inception. The only driving force until now has been the price of those materials. With new government regulations and consumer awareness at an all-time high the demand for safer and "greener" materials has finally reached its calling. Chemical & Filtration Products is working to find solutions to changing consumer demands. The ability to supply this country's manufacturers with "greener" products gives them the leg up on their competition. We asked ourselves just because something is food grade is that good enough?

Distribution Network

We have partnered with warehouses across the country to store our materials. This gives us the ability to store our materials closer to our consumers. It keeps the cost of our overhead to a minimum and that savings is passed on to our customers. It also, and more importantly, drastically reduces lead-times to get those materials into our consumers facilities.


Here at Chemical & Filtration Products of Texas we've transformed the typical distribution model that the industry adopted years ago and still lives by today. With employee and customer feedback we make changes daily to our processes as we push forward into uncharted territory.


We are all privileged to have access to the same technologies in the marketplace today. We utilize those technologies to streamline our business and reduce the amount of time and attention our customers need to spend ordering materials. Our Tech Team stays up-to-date with the latest technology releases and then works to implement those into our business.


We have partnered with an independent marketing firm to look at new strategies on how to market our products to potential consumers. We are currently evaluating and implementing new strategies daily, courtesy of our "Think Tank Team." This sort of outside the box thinking will elevate us to a household name in the near future.

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