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Kosher Certified Materials

The kosher certification process enhances the overall quality control of a production line as it requires an additional certification at every control point from raw materials purchasing, receiving, label and document verification, to the manufacturing process itself, including the condition of equipment, filling, packaging and labeling of the finished product. This extra layer of control in kosher certification, in turn, provides an additional layer of supply chain security for the buyer by augmenting the overall quality control system with discoveries of information about the raw materials that may not have come to the forefront otherwise.

Chemicals that are kosher certified are not exclusively for kosher use – they can also be used freely in non-kosher applications. The additional scrutiny involved in the kosher certification process can lead to an improvement in the overall quality of the products and the sharpening of the monitoring process throughout the quality system. If a product has a kosher seal, the customer can be sure that what they are purchasing has been subject to higher scrutiny than a non-kosher product would. The added layers of certifications and verifications in the kosher certification process ultimately act as an additional value to the end user.

We are pleased to offer the following materials:

Kosher Certified Materials