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Benzoic Acid

Benzoic Acid

Benzoic Acid, C7H6O2, is a colorless crystalline solid and a simple aromatic carboxylic acid.  The named derived from gum benzoin, which was for a long time the only source of Benzoic Acid. It's salts are used as a food preservative and is an important precursor for the synthesis of many other organic substances.

Benzoic Acid is mainly consumed in the production of phenol, precursor to plasticizers, precursor to sodium benzoate, and related preservatives.  It is used to treat fungal skin diseases such as ringworm and athlete's foot. It is also an ingredient in many topical antiseptics and inhalant decongestants.

 We are pleased to offer Benzoic Acid in the following quantities:

  • Pallet - (40) 25kg Bags
  • Supersacks