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Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate

Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate is a white, odorless, water-soluble chemical compound with the chemical formula NaBO3-4H20. 

Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate serves as a source of active oxygen in many detergents, laundry detergents, cleaning products and laundry bleaches. It is also present in some tooth bleaching formulas. It is used as a bleaching agent for internal bleaching of non vital root trated tooth. The Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate is placed inside the tooth and left in place for an extended period of time to allow it to diffuse into the tooth and bleach stains from the inside out. It has antiseptic properties and can act as a disinfectant. It is also used as a disappearing preservative in some brands of eye drops.

Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate is a less aggressive bleach than sodium hypochlorite, causing less degradation to dyes and textiles. 

We are pleased to offer Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate in the following quantities:

  • (1) MT Pallet - 25kg Bags