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Triethanolamine, often abbreviated as TEA, is a viscous organic compound that is both tertiary amine and a triol. A triol is a molecule with three alcohol groups. Triethanolamine is a strong base. Triethanolamine can also be abbreviated as TEOA, which can help distinguish it from triethylamine. Triethanolamine is a colourless compound although samples may appear yellow becasue of impurities.

Triethanolamine is also used primarily as an emulsifier and surfactant. It is a common ingredient in formulations used for both industrial and consumer products. The triethanolamine neutralizes fatty acids, adjusts and buffers the pH, and solubilises oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water.

Some common products in which triethanolamine is found are liquid laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, general cleaners, hand cleaners, polishes, metalworking fluids, paints, shaving cream and printing inks.

Triethanolamine is also used as an organic additive in the grinding of cement clinker. It facilitates the grinding process by preventing agglomeration and coating of the powder at the surface of balls and mill wall.

Various ear diseases and infections are treated with eardrops containing Triethanolamine. It also is an active ingredient od some ear drops used to treat impacted earwax.

Triethanolamine is now commonly and very effectively used as a complexing agent in electroless plating.

We are pleased to offer Triethanolamine 85% & 99% in the following quantities:

  • 55 Gallon Drum